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Friday, 31 August 2012

Podcast Episode 2 - All Sorted Now!


Okay, yesterdays posting was a bit all over the place, you'll be pleased to know I've resolved a lot of the technical problems with how you can actually get your hands on the podcast, now and going forwards.  I'm very pleased to announce that once again all options are restored;

Listen Within the Blog

If all works correctly then just below this paragraph you should see an embedded media player - I've tested this is IE9, Google Chrome and Firefox, it worked in all three - although Firefox users might have to wait a minute or so for the player to load.

Download the MP3

This was a big issue yesterday, I could not for the life of me uncover where my new audio host were stashing the actual mp3's so I could give you a direct download link.  Well, I've found the cheeky little monkeys, so here you go;

Episode 2

Within the next few days I'll sort out a page to gather all the episodes on.


I've come around to this method of getting my podcasts, especially direct to my Android phone.

1) Itunes

I've now tested our feed into Itunes, by George, it works;


2) RSS Feed

For non Itunes users, here is that important RSS feed address;



Itunes, obviously (although I hate it, personally,)
For Android devices I use Podkicker
And for computers I've just discovered Juice

Well, hopefully that will be my podcast hosting woes sorted for now.  Just to let you know, planning has begun for the next episode, so stay tuned...

Bye for now.

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