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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wait for it...

Hello people,

The Podcast...has been delayed :(

Firstly, apologies that the promised Crash & Burn Movie Podcast has not materialised yet.  I was all set for Sunday afternoon, I had all the recording equipment packed up and ready to head over to my co-presenters flat so we could get it done, and it was almost literally as I heading out of the door that my wife took a phone call to advise that there was a bit of a family crisis and she needed to head off straight away. So I've been on childcare duty since, the situation could resolve itself at any moment, but presently its still in progress.  The timetable for recording is fairly all over the place, if things happen within the next few hours then there is an outside chance the recording might happen tonight.  After that, next possible window is this Thursday evening, and failing that - we're looking next weekend.  I can advise that as soon as the recording happens, it will be edited almost immediately, and I have a Soundcloud page all ready and waiting to upload it to.  I also have the conceptual artwork for the Soundcloud page;
So, I have the crashing, just not really the burning - might revise that at a later time!  It is possible at some point that the blog and the podcast could be brought together under a closer combined banner, but for now I'm just trying to concentrate on getting the podcast recorded, and of course, the blog deals with my own filming projects so there is only marginal common ground

Myself and Jon also have the proposed structure for the debut podcast; after initial introductions, news and details of what films we've seen lately, the first selection of films we talk about, in light of the rather wonderful Olympic Games that are happening at the moment, will share a sporting theme. Unfortunately, none of the films we've selected feature Olympic sports, and I won't give away which films they are, but they're all worthy - there are three about motorsports, one about American Football, one about Rugby and one, well, lets just say it involves rollerskates, motorbikes and liberal amounts of violence!

One final feature that has been confirmed for the show is a section called So Bad its Great.  Myself and Jon have long since been just as much enthusiasts for films that have become classics for all the wrong reasons.  And we're not talking about just bad films, hell - there are so many of those it would be painful, no, we're talking about films that have achieved levels of mediocrity whereby they have somehow classics.  There is a long tradition of this, Ed Wood's classic, Plan 9 from Outer Space, springs straight to mind, but the concept of celebrating these works of misguided genius has recently reached new levels with the film, Troll 2.  Over twenty years after its release, the movie that is often universally described as possibly the worst film ever made has become a worldwide cult phenomenon, inspiring viewing parties, conventions and festival screenings.  It takes a special kind of film to achieve this, it has to fail on so many levels that the viewers sense of disbelief at what is happening on screen somehow elevates the experience to something enjoyable, something so bad its actually great.  As I said, Jon and myself have seen more than our fair share of these types of films, and we'll be sharing a couple of choice examples with you each episode - you have been warned!

What I've watched lately

Damn, still haven't got to the end of Soylent Green - also realised I was part way through watching Repo Men.  Will try and get those sorted soon, but did find time last night to witness a potential future So bad, Its Good contender, the gloriously awful Boy Eats Girl from 2005.  Worth it for seeing failed Irish pop princess, Samantha Mumba, prove that she is even worse at acting than she was at singing.  Priceless.

bye for now.


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