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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Podcasting Test Post

Podcasting Test!

Awesome news everyone, have now set up all my feed connections for the forthcoming podcast.  As you'll see below, each episode we record will get its post and within that there will be a direct stream and download link from Soundcloud. 

  Crash & Burn Movie Podcast Theme V1 by Crash & Burn Podcast

For testing purposes, this test post only contains the the theme music I've composed for the show.

The link to the recording is also enclosed within the post and that enclosed link is being fed into our Feedburner feed, which means that users of podcatching software across most major platforms can easily subscribe to our show and have it downloaded or streamed directly to their computer or portable device. To those into such things you can subscribe by clicking on the RSS feed icon on the right hand side of the post, or you can manually pop in the feed address into your podcatching software, it is


Finally,you can find a link to the full podcast archive, again in a new link list on the right hand side.

Right, just to let you know, this very evening I'll be recording the debut episode, we should have done this on Sunday but hit a bit of a crisis, but tonight all systems are go.  If things go smoothly then I might even have chance to upload it right away, failing that then it'll go live tomorrow evening.



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