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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Post Filming Comedown!

Evening People

Follow Up on My First Day of Shooting

Big thanks to the kind people on the various filmmaking forums I've joined recently who have had pretty positive things to say about the bit of test footage I posted previously.  Still on a massive high about how the filming went, the results have pretty much exceeded my expectations, can't wait for the next shooting
session.  Alas, not sure exactly when thats going to happen, its really frustrating to be honest as I really need the footage of each member of the band to be able to move forward and start to pull the whole video together. 

 I'm off to Brighton this weekend for a deserved break with the family, but might possibly be able to fit in some filming with either the bassist or lead guitarist from Alien Stash Tin the weekend after.  But its going to be the drummer who will be awkward, will probably be lucky if I get his footage shot before the end of September.  I also think that I will definitely have to go ahead and stick an extra 2Gb of RAM into the editing PC - I've got my eye on a new I7 with 8Gb of RAM, but don't know if I can really justify that at the moment.  The old PC really struggles with the chroma-keying shots, and this video is going to be constructed with loads of them in.

The Crash And Burn Movie Podcast Episode 2

Myself and Jon will be getting together tomorrow evening to record the second instalment of the podcast, I honestly don't know if I'll be able to get it edited before I go away, so potentially it might not get uploaded until a week after.  It does promise to be worth the wait though, we've got some belting film choices to share with you, the themed selection will be Alien Invasion! 

What I'm Watching

Finished Robot Jox last night, wow, I do love films that are shit, but in a good way!  Have got a choice of four in front of me, I've been meaning for ages to watch Battle Royale, but have also got Chopping Mall, Feast and Forbidden World(aka Mutant) all in need of a viewing. I might save a few of them for while I'm away.

Well, thats all for now, even if I don't manage to get the podcast up before I go, I'll do at least one post while I'm away.

bye for now


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