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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Crash & Burn Movie Podcast Episode 1. 11.08.2012 - Racing Cars, Odd Shaped Balls, Superbikes & Bears!

Good afternoon World!

Fantastic news, episode 1 of the Crash and Burn Movie Podcast is now uploaded and available, you can download or stream it from the media below, or if you're very clever (and you can get it to work) you can point your podcatcher at our feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/crashandburnmoviepodcast . I've made it work on my Android phone using Podkicker, although I've had one report that it doesn't seem to work with Zune

Without further ado - here it is;

Ep1 09 08 2012 by Crash & Burn Podcast
So, thats our first effort, still a few teething troubles, can't quite believe how much audio was recorded, it was crazy, had to be quite surgical with the editing, and its still come in at just over 1hr30mins!  That is about 3 times as long as originally planned so we might have to address the running time in episode 2, but overall I'm pretty happy with the content.  I think I will have to compose a new theme tune, the one I've done is in a minor key and it sounds far to ominous, I think I need something lighter, more positive and more up up-tempo.

Well, hope you take the time to check it out, its a bit of a laugh, although as I've said, this blog deals primarily with the filmmaking, the podcast might mention it but its essentially a a more traditional look at movie that myself and Jon like - its not highbrow critique!  


Only a week to go until the initial test filming for my upcoming music video. Am totally stoked about it, really looking forward to testing out the film rig, and hopefully finally having some proper filmed footage to post on here.  Stay tuned.

A Special Mention 1.

I've had a bit of positive feedback from one of our first readers, Tim Stannard, another aspiring UK filmmaker.  He has suggested I add a useful link to another film and video forum, www.videoforums.co.uk - I was actually aware of this forum but hadn't quite gotten around to joining it just yet, but in the meantime I've added it to my link list, so check it out, and keep an eye out for Tim as he is member and a mod on the forum.

And Tim has shared a few links to some of his recent film work, he was out and about covering the Olympic torch relay and the road cycling, and despite being just one chap with camera, with a bit of handy editing he's produced some pretty good analytical round-up type pieces.  Cycling isn't really my bag to be honest, but I like how Tim has put in a bit effort to make these into more complete short films, and the third one, which is probably the one I was most impressed with, could probably pass as a fairly professional bit of sports news coverage on something like a local TV or cable access channel.  If you want to check them out, see below;

Thanks to Tim for sharing those, and if you like them, why not leave him some constructive feedback on Youtube.

A Special Mention 2.

Whilst trying to fathom out the murky technology of podcasting myself, I have inadvertently stumbled across a few other movie podcasts this week.  Far and away my favourite is Chin Stroker Vs Punter - its not too dissimilar to my podcast, only these guys have done over 180 episodes, they're very witty and I'm currently trying to work my way back through some of their previous highlights.  Have to recommend Episode 134- Sharktopus - I have seen this film myself an its every bit as gloriously bad as they suggest - but in a good way, honest!    So, well done guys, I've added you my link list, hope I can send some listeners your way, keep up the good work!

Well, thats all for now, hope you enjoy the podcast, back with more updates soon.


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