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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Podcast Episode 2!

Greetings world

I've been on a short family break away in beautiful Brighton, and I did not have chance to upload Episode 2 of the Podcast last week.  However, its officially uploaded now, but now without a few issues, I'll explain below.

New Host for the Podcast

Okay, stupid me, totally did not realise that Soundcloud had a limit on its free accounts, only 120 minutes of audio allowed.  Bugger!  Safe to say that their prices were prohibitive for upgrading, so I've actually purchased a subscription to Jellycast.com and shifted my podcasting operations over there.  There are pros and cons - the obvious pros being that I've got somewhere to host the recordings and don't have limits in terms of filesize, duration or bandwidth (unless the podcast suddenly becomes an internet sensation and starts getting downloaded by thousands) and I believe we now also have an Itunes feed, but I haven't had chance to try it out just yet. - the cons; brand new feed address, and unfortunately, no-more direct downloads or fancy streaming media player.  There is a function to stream each episode into a media player, but I've tried it - you can't skip through the episode, but don't let this put you off, see below for a possible workaround..

I've tried it out using the podcatcher software on my smart phone and it works perfectly and I've managed to find some free software that will allow you to download the full MP3 onto your computer from the podcast feed - this is all pretty new to me too, but I'm now a podcasting convert!  I would suggest downloading and installing Juice - its a really easy to use podcast receiver, just tested it out with the new feed, worked a treat, and downloaded both episodes in no time at all.  Here is a little linky button to it;

Download Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver

Neat, eh?

Anyway, that all important feed address is;


Stick that into Juice, or whatever you use to get your Podcasts, and bingo, off you go.

I've tidied up the menu at the right of the blog to incorporate links to the new feed and the Itunes link, if anyone has problems making that work then please let me know. I'll leave the link up to the downloadable episode one up for a bit, but the old feed will shortly be closed down, so make sure you subscribe to the new one.

Some Notes About Podcast Itself!

Right, thats the techie stuff out of the way, what is episode 2 about?  Well, myself and Jon wax lyrical about our favourite alien invasion movies, which essentially becomes a bit of a John Carpenter love-fest, we get excited about Judge Dredd, we laugh immaturely at Pacific Rim and Johny's in the Sky, and discover the deeper meaning of Scientology.

Despite doing our best to streamline the podcast and ramble less, somehow episode 2 has come in longer than episode 1!  Naturally, I blame Jon!  One thing we have agreed upon, and I'm happy about this, is a no spoilers rule - we set up the basic plot, we talk about the techinical aspects of the movies, and what we like or don't like, but we do not blow the ending for you, promise!


Now I'm back home I plan to get onto filming the rest of Alien Stash Tin for their music video.  Just trying to set up mutually agreeable times, hoping to film the bass player and the lead guitarist within the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for updates

What I've Been Watching

Damn, its sad but I've not had time for movies, despite having a big backlog to watch.  I'll update in a few days time once I've had chance to do some catching up!

bye for now.


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