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Saturday, 1 September 2012

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Podcast Archive is Live

I've set up the archive page, you can get to it here - plus I've popped a little icon link for it in the right hand panel, near the bottom where all the various subscription links for the podcast live.

Podcast I've Discovered

Got to give a mention to Mr Noel Mellor and his awesome podcast 'Adventures in VHS' - Noel is embarking on a fantastic work, he's putting together a book documenting some of the seminal movies from the VHS rental heyday during the 1980's.  To accompany the book project, he is also running a podcast where looks back fondly at a time of classic b-movie madness, the infamous video nasties, the ridiculous trailers for coming features, and he also has managed to grab an interview or two with some of the directors.  Its a really informative and witty podcast, its only three episodes in, and I'm hooked already.

Its really odd, actually, Noel is more or less the same age as myself, yet while his love of film started in this period he is talking about, with the VHS rental revolution, yet I'm almost the antithesis of Noel - my parents were quite possibly the last in the country to purchase a video recorder (we finally got one in the mid 90's, just as DVD was coming out!) - so I'd always felt like I'd missed out during this golden period of film history.  But its great the learn about it via Noel as he relives those days and those movies that shaped his formative years.  Based on his first three episodes, you can rest assured that I've already begun tracking down copies of Creepozoids, Class of Nuke 'Em High and Humanoids from the Deep!


I'm pretty sure most people will have come across this term by now, but if you haven't, its essentially raising finance for a project, be it business or creative, via an online campaign where you appeal to the public to invest an amount of their own cash in exchange for some kind of reward at the end.  This is becoming a very popular way for independent filmmakers to get their projects off the ground, the most notable poster project for this has to Iron Sky - which remarkably managed to raise over $1,000,000 of its fairly substantial budget through crowdfunding.  I've discovered a slightly more modest project from Australia called The Tunnel - they raised a budget of around Aus$30,000 to make this gritty, dark horror film, and you can download it via torrent absolutely legally for free.  I've already downloaded it, am just waiting for the opportunity to get around to viewing it, but really excited to see how far they made the budget go, will probably give it a bit of a write up on here and mention it on the next episode of the podcast (if its any good, of course!)

What I'm Watching

Behold my greatness, for I have managed to track down a copy of The Stuff, the gloriously anti-consumerist b-movie shlock-fest from 1985.  I'm about 40 mins into it at the moment, so far its awesome!


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