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Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Podcast Episode coming Soon


Not much action to report recently, but thought I'd stick a post on just keep things up to date.


Argh, its a killer not being able to proceed at the sort of pace I want to with regard to filming the music video.  I'm still trying to sort out mutually agreeable times with the lead guitarist and bassist from Alien Stash Tin - I really hope I'll be able to get them filmed before the end of September, then its just the drummer to film.


Episode 3 of the Crash and Burn Movie Podcast has been recorded, so I'll be looking to edit that shortly, expect it to arrive on Saturday. 

Themed selection for this episode is 'Cartoons for Grown Ups' - so basically feature length animated films that are aimed at adults rather than children.  Amongst other highlights, expect a bizarre combo of fluffy bunnies and undead zombies, plus a movie that 'Rooooooooooocks!'

So Bad, Its Great is also a belter this episode.  I cover the tentacled lunacy that is Galaxy of Terror, and Jon gets stuck into the legend that is Shark Attack 3.  Its an epic!

What I've Watched Recently

I've got to the end of The Stuff - oh dear, such a promising start, but such a missed opportunity come the end.  The plot and the production values fall away in the final third of the movie, what a shame.

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