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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Progress and Developments

Evening Universe!

Podcast Update

Episode 4 of The Crash and Burn Movie Podcast has become the most popular in terms of downloads within a week of going live, which is pleasant and quite surprising.  Just to keep reality in check, we are still only talking about 50 odd downloads in total, and it will be interesting to see if the trend continues with the next episode, but myself and Jon are starting to really get to grips with what the show is about and how we can deliver it better each time.  We're really confident episode 5 is going to continue in the upward arc, so its an exciting time.

It is because of this increase in demand for the podcast that I have decided to give the show its own space, it will be getting its own dedicated website.  We think its grown up enough to justify it, and this will allow me to return the focus of this blog back to my filmmaking - although the two will be forever linked.  I'm expecting to launch the new site publicly to coincide with the release of episode 5 - the site design is almost done, just a bit of fine-tuning required, so I'd estimate the first weekend in October will see the launch.  Stay tuned.


Still no firm progress with organising the next filming shoot, the remaining members of Alien Stash Tin are proving to be hard to pin down.  Still optimistic that I can get hold of the bassist and lead guitarist in early October, then the drummer in either late October or early November.  Once those scenes are shot I can assemble a working edit of the video.  There is a bit of extra optional filming the band would like to do to add a couple of specific shots to the video, but if push comes to shove we could edit the video without them.  We'll just have to see, I'd be happy if i just had the bare minimum I need to start editing properly.

Have not had any chance to work on the short film I wrote in the spring, Living in Denial.  There is a scene in it that I'm not sure if I can make them work with the technology I've got - but I'm thinking of trying out a short test to see if its possible.  All being well, I might be able to try it this weekend.  If it works out I'll post the edited footage on here next week - its about time I posted some footage, I must be the least active filmmaker in history!

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