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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Time Between Stuff Happening!

Hello World

Been somewhat snowed under with the trappings of real life this past week and a half, so thought I'd better do a quick update just to assure you stuff is still happening;


Has unfortunately come to a bit of a standstill, I'm still trying to pin down the other members of alien Stash Tin to get some of their faux-live footage shot.  I think I'll be looking at start of October now.

What with work being very busy, and one or two family issues, all other filming projects have been on hold; I was hoping to do some test filming in relation to the short script I wrote a few months back, Living in Denial - but have been thwarted in all attempts with that, and certainly haven't had time to plan anything else new.

The Latest on the Podcast

This is proceeding quite well, episode 3 has statistically been the most downloaded and streamed, which is really encouraging - within 24 hours of it being uploaded it had already seen double the interest of the previous two episodes combined,  and it had a mini spike a few days back, which suggests someone other than myself and Jon has shared or publicised it to their own social networking group.  I've also added the Podcast to a number Podcast directories, so we're a bit more discoverable, but there will be a bigger campaign to publicise the forthcoming episode, more on which a bit further on, but just to say, if you've downloaded or streamed the podcast - many thanks, and if you quite liked it, if you can spare a few seconds then I'd be very grateful if you could share the link to this blog with your facebook or twitter friends.

Podcast Episode 4

So, episode 4 is set to be recorded this coming Thursday 20th Sept, and hopefully will be uploaded by the weekend.  There are going to be a couple of notable additions to this latest production - for the first time we're going to include audio from the official trailers of the films we feature, myself and Jon reckon this will help in terms of explaining the basic synopsis of the films a bit quicker than we've been doing ourselves, and it ought to free us up to get onto actually discussing the finer points of the films a bit faster.  There will also be a couple of humorous interludes that might take you a bit by surprise...

So, without wanting to give everything away, stay tuned and stand by for Episode 4, its going to be the biggest, most badass one we've done yet!

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