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Monday, 24 December 2012

Xmas News

Hey Everyone,

Okay, so I'd hoped to get the music video all done and dusted by Christmas, alas, hit a big technical problem - as you'll have noticed if you'd watched it, the previous posting showed the performance element of the video, and it turned out the audio and video had gone out of sync.  Initially I thought it was purely in the uploading to YouTube, but it turns out it was an issue in the way I was rendering the file - strangely, this
seemingly obvious error managed to remain undetected due to the fact I'd originally rendered it in WMV format and bloody Windows Media Player appeared to correct the sync issue.  Playing on every other media player showed up the problem though - I should have really tried that a lot sooner!

Anyway, I did a test render of a few seconds last night and it was spot on, so I'll re-render the whole performance part of the video and get the correctly synced footage online later tonight.

So, for completed the editing of the whole video, I reckon inside the next week I'll have it done, so not that far over schedule.  Rest assured the finished cut will get a première right here.

Going forward, couple of big things on the horizon, I'm already planning a few ideas for my next music video.  Not certain if it'll end up being for Alien Stash Tin or not, although I'm sure I'll do another one for them at some point.  Stay tuned for more info after Christmas.

And finally, nothing definitely sorted yet, but I might possibly be doing some collaborative filmmaking in 2013 - again, more info soon.

Merry Christmas Everyone, see you all soon.


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