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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Further Progress

Hi World,

Hope you all had a superb Christmas.  My holiday period was pretty tiring as the missus has been unwell again, so I've been on childcare duty a lot!

However, I've made a bit more progress with the music video - having finished with the live performance footage, this evening I returned to the screen screen footage shot back in August.  I had two takes of the
singer from the band portraying a news reader whilst delviering the lyrics of the song, so this evening I've chroma-keyed out the green screen and rendered both takes in sync with the song.  Thinking about it now, I'll have to redo those - I should have rendered with the scrolling background in.  Alas, my poor PC will not be up to compositing the virtual studio on the fly, I'm going to build it up in stages - I'll render both takes over the background, then when I'm pulling all the footage together I'll know which bits of news reader footage I'll be using and when, then I can also add the screen graphics, picture in picture elements and captions.  Its a pretty massive undertaking, I wish I had more sustained time to devote to it.

Ah well, hope to have an edit ready to show you very soon!


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