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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First Look at Part of the New Video

Greetings people

Massive developments - have got some footage to share with you!

Here is the worlds first look at the performance footage I shot for Alien Stash Tin's All Riot Now promo video, all edited together with a few effects thrown on for good measure.  Please note, this most definitely is not the completed video - the final video will feature at least four other bits of footage interspersed, this is merely the bit that represents the band doing their thing, performing the song.  I suspect only about 50% of it might end up in the final cut, but as a work of editing, I felt it was worth sharing with you on here.

So without further ado, here it is;

(update 05/01/2013 - have now replaced the original video with a corrected one, the audio/video sync was bad on the first upload to Youtube)

I will probably dial down the light ray effect as its come out pretty extreme, and I've made some adjustments to the colour palette - there is a warm filter first of all which gave an enhanced white/gold look to it - just because there was a bit of boring battleship grey in some of the background of a few of the shots, then I put a mild blue filter over it, which took the edge off the warmth filter and gave a fractionally more cinematic feel to it. All of this maybe subject to change in the final cut, I will have to adapt the colour palette to the look of the rest of the footage.

I think there are obvious pros and cons to it - on the downside - I would have filmed Jon more from the front, and I think I would have liked to have matched the shots for AJ and Jon Jon a lot more closely to the footage of Jon, but unfortunately, that's what you get when you have to wait three months between shoots!  I'd have loved to have gotten a black drape to ensure there were fewer bad background elements, and overall I'd have liked to have gotten more footage from other angles - I sort of managed it on Bruce's drums, but didn't have the range of shots elsewhere.

However, on the plus side, I'm really pleased with how it has come together, I'm very happy with most of the rhythm of the cuts, and while I don't think I've quite managed to pull off the faux-live look, I do like the look of it, the lighting and the ambience.  And already, its a vast improvement upon my initial experimentin video making.  I'm pretty darn chuffed!

I'm still hoping to get the rest of the video done before Christmas, so stay tuned.

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