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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Progress...At Last

Its been a hectic, troublesome few weeks - but things are finally getting back on track

Due to illness, either myself or my wife or the kids - or a combination of all, I've been really stretched and haven't had time to think about fillmmaking. However, I'm pleased to say that I will be filming the concluding footage for the Alien Stash Tin music video tomorrow evening (or actually, later today - just noticed its just gone midnight!)  Am totally fired up for this one, should be fairly simple to set up - just got to get the remaining band members filmed under lights individually, reckon two or three takes should give me all the footage I need - just hope the band lip-sync really well.

Still planning future projects, although its hard with my commitments at present. I'm looking into the possibility of shooting a film noir style music video, ideally in black and white and utilising a lot of the stock and trade features of the genre. Don't think it lends itself to an Alien Stash Tin vid, so may have to find another band test out the concept on.

Anyway, I'll hopefully post some stills and a write up of my shooting progress within a couple of days, stay tuned...

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