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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Howdy World

Its been a month since the previous update, I've been a little slack, so apologies, but I'll try and bring everything up to speed.

Response to the All Riot Now Promo Video

The All Riot Now Video was warmly received by the band, and has drawn a little bit of attention from a few other local bands - I've not exactly got bands beating down my door but the response has been extremely positive.

New Projects

Two works in progress at the moment, I'm developing the concepts for music videos for local singer/songwriter, Darrin Jones and a local rock band called Shogun.  More details will follow soon, I may publish some of the concept art (yes - I'm actually doing some this time!) and of course, when it comes to shooting there will be a full write up on here.

The Future

Myself and the family are also in the process of the ever stressful activity of moving house.  While I'm dreading it, we're moving to a bigger place, and I'll actually have some decent work space for both editing and for some serious DIY work for building up my film rig.  I may go completely off the radar for a couple of weeks while things like internet access are sorted out, but once the business of moving is done I feel I can step up the whole filmmaking exercise another notch, which is really positive - I feel like I've barely got out of first gear - there is going to be an unstoppable burst of serious creativity coming very soon!

Anyway, thats all I've got time for at the moment - more updates will be coming soon, but bear in mind I'm going to be stupidly busy, so be patient!



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