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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Music Video Project Completed! At Last!

A Very Good Afternoon To You All

After a marathon editing session last night, and some swift rendering this morning, I'm extremely pleased to announce that the project I've been working on for, oh - bout the last six months, on and off, is finally finished!  I'm not going to stand on ceremony, here it is, people;

It feels really weird watching it in one complete state, but I'm really quite pleased with it.  Its very close to how I originally conceived the idea, so thats a big success as far as I'm concerned.  There are some clips with pretty low resolution, but that was the nature of the stock footage I ended up using, but its an extremely busy video, there is always something going on somewhere in there (it was very labour intensive from a cutting point of view, I dread to think how many actual cuts are in there, but it must be hundreds.)  My main aim with this was to create something superior to my previous attempt at making a video, and I've definitely done that.

In truth, it should never have taken as long to complete - admittedly I could do little about the time between the first and second shoot, but the editing could have been wrapped up inside a fortnight if I had that kind of time to dedicate solely to it. 

The Budget!

Here is a breakdown of the costs incurred in making this video - I've not included the cost of the camera, editing software and the PC that I edited the video on as I owned those previously, these are just the things I bought specifically with the video shoot in mind. We also got free use of Alien Stash Tin's rehearsal room where all of the band, screen screen and solo footage was filmed.

Cheap Camera Tripod - £6
Very Cheap 2x3m Green Screen - £11
2 x 150W Halogen Industrial Site Lights - £10 (£5 each)
1 x 500W Halogen Industrial Site Light - £8
Spare Bulbs for the Lights - £3
20m of 2.5mm, 3 Core Electrical Cable for the Lights - £20
3 x 13A Fused Electrical Mains Plugs - £3
Pair of Reading Spectacles (Video Prop) - £5
Approx 3 Rolls of Duck Tape - £4

Total : £70.00

Thats not bad, considering that everything except the reading spectacles and duck tape are available for future projects.

Well, I'm off to rest for a bit, then will post my video on as many filmmaking sites as I can find, get a few views and as much feedback as I can.  Will catch you all soon.

Bye for now!


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