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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The time in between...

Evening People,

I feel for comfortable describing readers of this blog as 'people' today because I've had a look at my visitor stats and I can officially declare that some 'people' - not an enormous amount, but some, have viewed it over the last few days!

Anyway, we're in for a bit of an anticlimax period now I fear, after the drama of yesterdays 500W light testing (damn, that was bright!) - I'm now waiting to proceed with some actual filming.  Its at this point you have to hope that your own and the people you're filming's schedule are compatible at some point.  Initially I plan to do a bit of test filming with Jon, the singer from Alien Stash Tin, just try out the lights and camera options, but my life is pretty chaotic, don't know when thats going to arise.

Still got concerns about lighting, am more convinced than ever that the 500W is complete overkill, the sheer brightness and heat it chucks out might well melt any actor brave enough to stand anywhere remotely within its glow, an extra 150W light is now looking like a sensible purchase.

Also got some concerns about the high resolution camera I was planning to use, not the quality or the camera its self, its mostly doubt as to whether my cranky editing PC would hold up to editing multiple tracks of anything better than 640x480.  Just worried that the quality won't be there.  I think I'll do the test shoot at 640x480, and if its disappointing I'll see if I can add a couple GB to my PC's RAM.

Finally, found a new and interesting website/podcast, its FilmSpotting - amongst many other things there is a great podcast show called FilmSpotting SVU, I've been listening to it fairly solidly for the last couple of days, its actually really good - thankfully it looks beyond big budget blockbusters, the presenters are very knowledgeable about their movies and the range of genres and timeframes they cover is impressive.  Very recommended, a really good listen.



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